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Egyptian Mummies in China

March 6, 2017

Chen Lu considers Egyptian mummies from a Chinese perspective.



"As Chinese museums don’t collect the Egyptian mummies, the first time I met it was when I studied in UK. Actually I have been curious about it since childhood, the Egyptian culture is so mysterious and attractive for a young girl. And it inspired many stories and movies. So after I planned my first visit to London, I can’t wait anymore to crush into the Egypt room of British Museum. The whole display was amazing for me. In fact, I never expected to see such amount of collections of various kinds of mummies. The decoration of royal mummies made me feel gorgeous, but looking at them very carefully, I suddenly realized that it was really human before. So I turned to feel a bit scary to stare too long at them. Besides, this special journey also make me had a real experience that mummies is not only the human remains, but also can be other creatures, such as cats, crows, and so on. It made me have a feeling that mummies are not a legend or a mystery character, it was what really happened before and really exist in the world."

Chen Lu has previously studied for a Msc in Museum Studies at University of Leicester,which concentrated on digital media in museums and audience engagement. And now she works as a digital editor in the Lifeweek Media Group in China.

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