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Munch and the Chachapoya Mummy

March 12, 2018

I was walking along a road one evening – on one side lay the city, and below me was the fjord. The sun went down – the clouds were stained red, as if with blood. I felt as though the whole of nature was screaming – it seemed as though I could hear a scream. I painted that picture, painting the clouds like real blood. The colors screamed.” (Edvard Munch)



Munch’s Scream has always been one of my favorite paintings since high school, when my inner self felt like screaming its feelings to the world while on the surface everything looked calm and good. My once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet this painting for the first time was at the exhibition ‘Munch : Van Gogh’ at the Van Gogh Museum, in 2016: that iconic figure that inspired the mask of Wes Craven’s serial killer in ‘Scream’ was almost oppressed by the surrounding environment, in the total indifference of the two man in the background. It looked as colors completely flattened the painting, yet at the same time they gave