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(Your) Mummy Stories

December 31, 2016


(Your) Mummy Stories is a participative project inviting individuals to share their stories of engagements with Egyptian mummies: from studying human remains, to reading cartoons on mummies, engaging with ethical questions, and visiting local museums holding Egyptian human remains, individuals have different stories of encounters with Egyptian mummies. The multiplicity of stories, dependent on personal interest, geography, and many other factors, brings to light the multiplicity of definition of what 'the mummy' means to us. 


This project invites individuals from any background, interest, and opinion to share their story (small or long) of mummies: 'Every mummy has a story to tell, and so do you' is the leitmotiv of this project. We invite individuals to tell us the most fascinating story of mummies they have heard of, their feeling at viewing a mummy in their local museum, their feelings, passion, fear, curiosity, disgust, love (!) at encountering mummified specimens, and opinions on mummies in collections, museums, ethics, questionings. Any story works, as long as it's your story. 


Stories collected are shared on social media every Monday, all year-round, as #MummyMonday, both on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mummystories and on Twitter on the account:  @angela_stienne In addition, they are gradually added to this blog. At the end of the year, the 50+ stories will be Storify(ied) to form a compilation and exemplify the variety of engagements with Egyptian human remains. This project is part of larger research projects on Egyptian human remains conducted by Angela Stienne, including a doctoral thesis at the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, on engagements with Egyptian mummies in Paris and London, 1753-1858. 


Send (Your) Mummy Stories at: contact@mummystories.com

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