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July 2, 2017

"I’m sorry, where is the mummy ??’ As a gallery attendant at the Louvre, it is probably the one sentence I have heard the most here, after, of course, ‘where is the Mona Lisa?’

Be they 7 or 77, and whatever country they come from, all the visitors, or almost all of them, who venture into the Musée du Louvre want to see the Egyptian department, and more precisely the only human mummy that is displayed there. Therefore, they look relentlessly for room 15, in which the mummy is displayed, looking fo...

June 26, 2017

I was sixteen and was visiting Egypt for the first time with my family. Having wanted to be an Egyptologist since I was about nine, I had seen mummies in books before, but none ‘in real’.

I recall entering the mummy room in the Egyptian Museum alone, leaving the family behind. As I entered the empty room, it took few seconds for my eyes to get used to the darkness. And there they were, all these pharaohs I had read about in books, lying in front of me, illuminated in soft light. I circulated sile...

May 29, 2017

For me, it's difficult to comprehend why mummies should be displayed in a museum. In my perception I think it's horrific to display human remains. It's unethical... Sometimes I wonder... did they expect their afterlife to be on a display in a museum? Can you imagine...do you think putting the deceased on a display case is respectful for the dead. The thought of this child might be someone's son being on display for millions of people to see...upsets me...he meant the world to his mom...and now h...

May 22, 2017

I was introduced to Ancient Egypt and mummies as a very small child, possibly around 3 or 4, when my grandfather too me to the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum in the Quadrangle in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was only a mummy case that I saw but it started me on a lifelong quest to find out as much as I could about mummies. In the 1970's a connection was made between the outer coffins which I had seen and the Egyptian mummy Padihershef in the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital...

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