Who is it for?

Mummy Stories is open to the public to share stories of encounters. Anyone can take part in the Mummy Stories community!


Mummy Stories is looking at human remains in museums through storytelling. We are interested in your personal stories of encounters with human remains in museums, or in the media. You can share your story or send any inquiry by emailing us.

What about?

Mummy Stories is collecting stories about human remains in museums. We use the definition of human remains as any body and body parts, including soft tissue and hair. 


Mummy Stories was created in 2016 with a view to reshaping the conversation around human remains in museums. Initially focused on Egyptian mummies, it is now looking at all human remains in museums around the world, through storytelling and public engagement. 

Angela Stienne

Dr Angela Stienne is a museum researcher and communicator with interest in the past and contemporary engagements with human remains in museums. She holds a PhD (2018) from the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. After a Bachelor's degree in Egyptology from University College London (UCL History & Institute of Archaeology) and a Master's degree in Museum Studies from Leicester, she submitted a doctoral thesis on Egyptian mummies in Paris and London between 1753 and 1858. 


Angela is passionate about sharing the modern and contemporary stories of mummies in museums worldwide and actively researches and formulates new ways to address issues surrounding the retention and display of human remains in museums. 

She is currently Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester (2018-2023) and has completed a research fellowship at the Science Museum London (2019). 

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One of the many wonderful things about Mummy Stories is its inclusiveness. It welcomes stories and insights from a hugely broad range of people. PhD researchers, museum professionals, interested members of the public and even children. For me, this offers a really fascinating approach to a sometimes sensitive topic and promotes a very empathetic and engaging dialogue between people. I look forward to seeing what is in store for the future.


Mummy Stories is a fantastic and interactive way of engaging with the study and display of mummies. Each story not only presents a new example with its own history of scientific research and public engagement, but also the unique perspective of the person telling the story. An amazing way to showcase so many different examples, histories, and personal perspectives, which are all crucial when engaging with human remains.


Mummy Stories is a completely new view in Egyptology on the history of the most important subjects of the Egyptian funerary culture and human remains based on the personal experience and excitation of experts and the public associated with this topic. (...) The main heroes of this space are living and dead people, and the meeting place is museums and private collections of ancient Egyptian art. This space is the wonderful and important initiative of Dr. Angela Stienne.