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The Mummy of Nesmin

January 8, 2018


In 1878, Miss Valerie Susan Langdon secretly married Sir Henry Meux, 3rd baronet and grandson to the owner of Horseshoe Brewery based in London. Lady Valerie Meux was not accustomed to the lavish Victorian society. Previously an actress and singer in Holborn, Lady Valerie Meux suddenly stepped into a world of wealth and entered into a flamboyant and eccentric lifestyle. She was often seen around London in her phaeton drawn by a pair of Zebras!

She lived with Sir Henry Meux at Theobalds house in Enfield, London, that is now a four-star hotel. Her wealth and affinity for the mysteries of the world soon manifested in a fascination with Ancient Egypt and she began to collect antiquities of all types. Over the years she accumulated 1,800 objects, one of which was the mummy and coffin of Nesmin.