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The Tours

Look up. Get ready to ask questions. Get ready to leave with more questions.

The tours are here and you won't see the history of museums and Egyptology the same way!


Musée du Louvre Egyptology Tours

What is the story behind the creation of the department of Egyptian antiquities at the Louvre? What are the secret stories hidden on the ceilings and on the walls of the historic rooms? What tales would Pacheri, the mummified man at the Louvre tell us, silently witnessing the passage of millions of visitors since 1826? What if you could learn not only about the history and culture of ancient Egypt but also about the politics and curiosities of the history of French Egyptology? Join the ONLY tour of the history of Egyptology at the Musée du Louvre told by an Egyptologist and a Museum Historian with a PhD and two books on the history of Egyptology, and you will never look at the Louvre the same way!


Egypt in Paris Tour & Coffee Conversation

What if the history of Egypt in Paris happened outside of the Musée du Louvre? What stories can narrow streets, spring gardens and covered passages tell us? We will start our tour at the iconic Luxor Obelix, Place de la Concorde, the oldest monument in Paris. The stories it has to tell...! Then we will walk through the enchanting Jardin des Tuileries, where I will tell you the story of the creation of the first department of Egyptian antiquities at the Louvre, while we gently reach the Louvre's glass pyramid. We will stop for a coffee at a typical French brasserie, where you will be able to ask me all your burning questions about ancient Egypt, the history of Egyptology, book writing and Paris living! Then we will continue our journey through the Palais Royal and finish our adventure with the hidden stories of Paris' covered passages. 


Virtual Tours & Talks

Can't quite commit to a trip to Paris just yet? That's not a problem! I can create custom virtual tours, live tours, and online talks focused on one area or one topic of the history of Egypt in Paris, with time for a virtual coffee conversation. I have a decade of public speaking experience, and there is nothing I like to share more than the history of Egypt in Paris and my own journey from a young girl in Paris dreaming of becoming an Egyptologist to a two-time author, PhD holder, public speaker and licensed tour guide. 


Ideal for a taster of a tour, or if you are looking for a longer conversation time. This is also an excellent opportunity for travel planing services. 


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