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  • Chen Lu

Egyptian Mummies in China

As Chinese museums don’t collect Egyptian mummies, the first time I met one was when I studied in the UK. Actually, I have been curious about them since childhood, the Egyptian culture is so mysterious and attractive for a young girl. And it inspired many stories and movies. So, after I planned my first visit to London, I couldn't wait any more to go to the Egyptian room of the British Museum. The whole display was amazing to me. In fact, I never expected to see such amount of various kinds of mummies. The decoration of the mummies were gorgeous, but looking at them very carefully, I suddenly realized that they were really humans before. So I felt a bit scared to stare too long at them. Besides, this special journey also made me realize that Egyptian mummies were not only made of human remains, but also could be other creatures, such as cats, cows, and so on. It made me have a feeling that mummies are not a legend or a mysterious character, they really happened before and really exist in this world.


Chen Lu studied for a Msc in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, which concentrated on digital media in museums and audience engagement. And now she works as a digital editor in the Lifeweek Media Group in China.


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