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  • Gilbey Lund

Mummies at the New Walk Museum

Mummies are an important part of many British provincial museums exhibits and New Walk Museum in Leicester is no exception.

The engaging Ancient Egyptian collection is one of the oldest and most popular in the museum. A curious part of this is how visitors react to the mummies with many being unsure of them in their dark cases and often asking if they are real. With many visitors running through different emotions towards the exhibits, some are fearful, others are curious, more are fascinated, and have so many questions.

Within the gallery is a fake plaster cast movie mummy which is a very popular photo point for many visitors. This is important as, together with the genuine examples, it allows visitors who have an interest in mummies to physically see the items. The mummies are also a popular exhibition with families returning every generation. With the planned redevelopment of the gallery, it is hoped that this popularity will continue for future generations.


Gilbey Lund works in the museum sector, having completed a Masters by independent study on state control of agriculture in Bedfordshire during the Second World War,and a further Masters in Museum Studies focusing on the First World War centenary and museums.


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